Barry gave me this game.

You were mine.

He cannot be such a monster.

That was the time when he came.

How can this not be good?

I always forget that I already logged in.


He has a sharp tongue.

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She looked him right in the eye.

The clever doctor could cure many illnesses.

You won't make any progress just studying on the weekends. It's meaningless unless you do it every day.

Blaine must be more careful from now on.

The girl was looking at him too.

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She's the pirate queen.


Now, I put this card into the hat. See?

She's eating an apple.

All my life I've wanted to meet someone like me.

Real roomed with John in college.

We've got two Billy shelves from IKEA.

What should we do if it rains?

You don't need to pay anything.

I escaped from the fire with nothing but the clothes on my back.

I want a raccoon.

Lorraine is young and naive.

It's too dangerous for you to stay here.


Give me the spoon.


Indra loved Sue.

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Irvin found Everett irresistible.

Rebecca and Norbert live nearby.

Patrick was green with envy.

Knut doesn't play video games.

At least I tried to do something.

The exhibition has drawn much attention from the public.

Let's get them out of the water.

January is the first month of the year, April is the fourth, November is the eleventh, and December is the twelfth.

This is the worst film I have seen.

Nancy is always out of money.

Sulfur burns with a blue flame.


I don't want to bother Pratap while he's working.

There is someone here.

Now I'm depressed.

Many consumer reviews on Amazon are fake.

Louie left for Boston.

How fast does he run?

Did you plant this yourself?

He could not but admire her.

No one seems to know where Glenn went.

Do you think Calvin resembles his mother?

You know it's me.

There are no tickets left.

Serbia is called "Srbija" in Serbian.

I don't want to sit next to them.

I'm not like I used to be.

You may make use of his library.

The crime rate is rising steadily.


Put your glasses on.


Where did you try them on?

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He lost his life in an accident.

Olson looked concerned.

Did you give him that dog?

The television isn't working.

I've just arrived at the station.

The typhoon may cross the Tohoku district.

The wind has abated.

Size 9, I think.

I will walk.

Lou's name is on the list.

First we'll hit Kyoto.

I see the point of the argument.

I felt myself lifted up.

I was on my way to see Ian.

It's nothing compared to what she did to me.

Jun has done it.

She doesn't speak, she screams!


The country kept faith with her ally.


Jem was shy at first.

Donovan has more homework than I do.

How can this not be good?

Vilhelm helped me.

Teri has repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

Treat the men well and the ore will come.

Alastair decided to lay low for a few days.


That is a criminal offense, and you will surely be punished!

He often reads contemporary authors.

There is a one-year guarantee on this toaster.


Everybody took his position.

Listen, everybody!

We're filled to the rafters.


He made a positive answer.

His skin is as firm as a teenager's.

I'm interested in why bears are important to Lojbanists.

There has to be a better way to do this.

I'm serious about that.


I am outraged.

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Laurent booked a reservation at the restaurant through OpenTable.

Terrance doesn't quite know what to say.

Linda has vanished and no one really knows with whom she ran off.

We'll need Maurice's help.

Take whatever you want.

We won't swim.

My uncle's brother's son got involved in a shady business and disgraced the family.

You'll do as I say.

Was there anyone in the room?

I'd like to say yes, but...

I don't want to leave.

In Japan, it is proper to bow when you meet someone.

The mother tried to reason with her son.


Eddy bought a weekly magazine at the station.

One year has twelve months.

I am filled with joy because Pradeep and Mosur like our traditional Chinese cuisine.


We had to put off the game due to rain.

Just recently, I've become very lazy. I need to work to restore my self-esteem.

The fugitive surfaced in a small town fifty miles from here but then disappeared again.


We sometimes make mistakes.

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Rodger told me it was his fault.

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Every crime must be punished.


He's a bit naive.

We'll fly there in 50 minutes.

It's not supposed to be happening.


I wonder who's going to be at the party.

Honesty is never the best policy.

We're not in Kansas anymore.

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Do your homework before you watch TV.

I have some appreciation of your problems.

I want this work done by next Thursday.


Rik knows all about it already.

This isn't for you.

They spoke of their high exam grades with understandable pride.

I can't play the guitar, much less the violin.

Many people applied for the position.


She advised him to give up drinking.

It is polite of you to write me back at once.

Our baby isn't speaking yet.

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You can probably buy one of these cheaper somewhere else.

Hartmann is grumpy today, isn't he?

I translated the poem as well as I could.

They sell sugar and salt at that store.

There's nothing strange about it.

I often have ear infections.

We cannot control other people's tongues.

You've got to help him.

If you want to lose weight, spend a day without meals.

I have nothing to write.

They carry firearms.

I want to let the world know about Japanese gardens.

The says he didn't know what it was like.

"What have I got, doctor?" "A cold."

Please go ahead without me.


Are you sure you remember everything?

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Brooke told me to meet him at his apartment.

It was snowing when I reached the station.

I wasn't talking about you.

You have to make them understand.

We've got to go warn him.

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An EMT put a bandage on Pradeep's cut.


I've just worked it out.

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Have you got an anger management problem?


The shepherd thinks that the lambs were killed by wolves.

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Shari took a taxi to the station.

Tell me how can I be of service to you.

We don't want to hurt them.


You shouldn't make any noise when you eat soup.

She renovated a house.

She's been under lock and key for the past 24 hours.